Staron Products


Category: Countertops & Surfaces
Subcategory: Solid Surface

Staron's inconspicuous seams are impenetrable to water, which creates endless possibilities in a bathroom. It resists makeup stains on vanities, and when soap and lime build up in shower or on tub surfaces, they're easily removed.

Subcategory: Solid Surface

Staron's durability is so outstanding, you'll find it used frequently in commercial countertops, reception desks, partition walls, elevator interiors and many other unexpected applications where it faces daily public wear and tear.

Subcategory: Solid Surface

Staron makes an elegant, hygienic and easy-to-maintain surface in any kitchen. Commonly used as countertops, backsplashes, sinks, and bar tops, it's easily customized to allow a range of decorative inlays, edge treatments and other options, including heat rails & drainage channels.

Category: Faucets & Fixtures
Subcategory: Sinks (Bath), Sinks (Kitchen)
Material: Solid Surface

Available in Bright White, Ivory and Pearl, Staron sinks and bowls complement the entire range of Staron countertop colors. Like the countertops, Staron sinks and bowls are nonporous so they resist stains and are easy to clean.